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In this excellent audio SeriesĀ  - The Super 7's Series - Experience Seven full teachings (more than ten hours of audio) on God's important use of 7's in the Bible. Speaker David Hairabedian taught these recorded messages before a live audience. Included: You will receive 10 Audio Downloads to your inbox via an online instant deliverable.

  1. Disc 1- Seven Purposes for Dreams and Visions
  2. Disc 2- Seven Purposes for Dreams and Vision - Part 2
  3. Disc 3- The 7 Doors
  4. Disc 4- Seven Leavens
  5. Disc 5- Seven Different Kinds of Voices
  6. Disc 6- Seven Deadly Deadly Diseases of the Tongue
  7. Disc 7- Seven Deadly Diseases of the Tongue- Part 2
  8. Disc 8- Seven Common Human Spiritual States
  9. Disc 9- Seven Giants to Overcome
  10. Disc 10-Seven Giants to Overcome- Part 2

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The Ministry of Angels - MP3 Audio, Instant Download

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A Spiritual Key for Every Healing, PDF Book

People also recommends: "A Spiritual Key for Every Healing", PDF Book

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Hearing God-25 Biblical Ways God Speaks, PDF Book

People also recommends: "Hearing God-25 Biblical Ways God Speaks", PDF Book

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